About Valkyrie Extractions

Valkyrie Extractions is dedicated to crafting quality disposable/rechargeable vape pens for the more refined consumer looking for a step up when it comes to their cannabis vape pen experience.

We wanted to expand the flavour experience of vaping cannabis and decided to get to work on crafting our own extracts with unique and bold flavours you’re sure to both recognise, and love!

Bulk Pricing Available

The more of our products you order, the more you save! Our bulk pricing, automatically calculated at checkout, lets you save by stocking up on your favorite vapes. Bulk pricing starts at as little as 10 units!

Questions? Make sure to contact us and we can answer any of your questions.

Quantity Price
0-9 Pens $35 ppu
10-24 Pens $30 ppu
25-49 Pens $27 ppu
50-99 Pens $23 ppu
100-249 Pens $19 ppu
250-499 Pens $18 ppu
500-999 Pens $17 ppu
1000+ Pens $16 ppu

Valkyrie Vape Pens

Each of our unique flavours is made of premium quality THC distillate extracted from top grade sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis cultivars and then infused with all natural flavourings that mimic the tastes and aromas of many of your favourite treats.

Our vape pens are able to charge quickly and easily with the convenience of a USB-Micro port (wire not included).